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personal growth

September 8, 2023

Modern leadership: Mastering the art of influence and persuasion

In the world of modern leadership, mastering influence and persuasion sets great leaders apart. In this blog, we uncover the unique dynamics of influence and persuasion, exploring their crucial roles in effective leadership.  Influence vs. persuasion  What’s the difference between influence and persuasion? Persuasion can prompt someone into action or decision without necessarily securing their genuine agreement. In contrast, influence requires investing time in building trust as a foundation for inspiring action or decisions. It’s a process that involves earning authenticity.  The three circles of persuasion  So how do you […]
March 2, 2023

Prioritising your workload for personal effectiveness

With our fast-paced lives, prioritising your workload can help you be more efficient and achieve your goals faster. We often find ourselves juggling multiple tasks and wasting precious time on meetings that could have been an email. So how do you make more time for creativity and ultimately become more productive?   Understanding the urgency and importance of tasks coming your way is the first step. Stephen Covey’s ‘Four Quadrants’ is a useful time management tool to help prioritise work tasks and identify those pesky timewasters.  A matrix to prioritise tasks  […]