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working life

July 10, 2024

The pros and cons of hybrid working: A guide for modern leaders

Since 2020, the workplace landscape has experienced a seismic shift, with hybrid and remote work models becoming the new standard. This transition challenges leaders to innovate and adapt, ensuring their teams remain productive, engaged, and satisfied. According to a Microsoft report, 82% of company leaders believe their teams are just as productive, if not more, since the shift to hybrid work. But what are the downsides? This blog explores the benefits and challenges of hybrid work environments.  Understanding hybrid work  Hybrid working is a flexible model where employees split their […]
April 11, 2021

Productivity and effectiveness: technology and techniques

In our March blog we reflected on the reality of working from home and the impact this has on our ability to be as effective as possible.  In the 24/7 switched on world we live in, it can quickly become overwhelming to start each day without a clear idea of what you need to be on top of. And it’s equally as deflating to end it feeling like you haven’t achieved what you needed to. Once you’ve mastered how to look more critically at what’s important to deliver each day, […]