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"Meg and Chris have not only delivered training for us but have also provided one on one coaching for a number of our employees."
John Burton
"The feedback from the team was really positive and they have gone from strength to strength in their managerial roles showing confidence and effectiveness with their teams."
Jackie Hargreaves

Why we're different

It's not what we do but how we do it that makes Cube different.

There are a great many high-quality learning and development specialists out there, so what makes us different?

Clients tell us we listen more than we talk, that our open minds and curious, creative nature means we think laterally and propose solutions no one else has. And that we always have our eye on their desired outcome, ensuring anything we suggest will have a real impact on that definition of success.

What we value

We value

Above all else, we value working with clients that we love

We love clients who join us in partnership, who like to take risks, who enjoy learning. In return we do what we say we will, we are agile and responsive and we think hard and laterally about the best solutions, underpinning everything with integrity and fun.


We listen

Understanding your problem or challenge in the context of your business

We firmly believe in the two ears, one mouth theory of communication (they should be used in that ratio!) We listen carefully to ensure we fully understand your needs and aspirations. You'll find us asking lots of questions and we don't apologise for that. It helps us work with you to agree issues and offer solutions that will help to shape the future you want for your business.

shaping your future

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We're on your side

We're on your side

Long-term relationships mean we can deliver even more value

We work closely with clients to ensure our solutions meet your needs and fit with your brand, values and personality. We get to know you and you get to know us, so our relationship fits together like pieces of a jigsaw. We become seamless members of your team and together find solutions to help shape your future. Our focus is always on delivering what you want to achieve.

We explain

From the process, to the tools to the impact, you'll know what you're getting and why

We will provide you with a proposal outlining our understanding of the key issues and our proposed solution. We will also demonstrate our approach so you know how we work. Once agreed we will work on the detailed design of the solutions with involvement and approval from you as you feel appropriate. We evaluate thoroughly afterwards to show how outcomes have been achieved.

shaping your future

Get in touch and see how Cube can help you

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