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June 12, 2024

What is situational leadership and how best to use it?

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to leadership. It requires adaptability and a keen understanding of the individuals being led. One approach to this complexity is situational leadership, a model designed by Blanchard and Hersey to help leaders tailor their approach based on the developmental level of their team members.   And this approach really does work. A study examined the impact of situational leadership on job satisfaction and employee performance within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The findings revealed that this leadership style has a significant positive effect, […]
February 12, 2024

Creating your leadership brand 

Creating your leadership brand  Your professional identity as a leader isn’t just about titles and positions—it’s about the impression you leave on those you lead. Welcome to the idea of leadership branding, where we explore how you can shape your identity as a leader.  What do you want to be known for?  As a leader, have you ever wondered what your team says about you when you’re not in the room? Creating your leadership brand is about answering that question. It’s a reflection on the qualities, behaviours and values you […]
December 7, 2023

How to have difficult conversations with external stakeholders

In the world of business, having difficult conversations with external stakeholders such as clients or suppliers for example can be a daunting task. Whether it’s telling them they can’t have what they want or challenging a late payment, these conversations often put us on edge. But with UK businesses reportedly chasing around £50 billion in unpaid invoices, it’s time to develop the skills and assertiveness to address these issues directly. Here’s how…  Eat the frog  It’s important to acknowledge that difficult conversations with external stakeholders are often put to the […]
November 7, 2023

Tips for handling difficult conversations in the workplace

In any workplace setting, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself handling difficult conversations. Whether it’s addressing an underperforming team member, discussing a sensitive topic with a peer, or facing a managerial responsibility, these conversations are often the ones we’d rather avoid. They can make us feel uneasy and anxious, and even make us wish someone else would step in. If this is you, you aren’t alone. According to the ‘The Learning Habits of Leaders and Managers’ report, 50% of managers cited difficult conversations as the biggest challenge they face in […]
July 6, 2023

Boosting team productivity: strategies for effective collaboration in the workplace

In the modern workplace, team productivity plays a crucial role in achieving organisational success. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, highly collaborative teams are 20-25% more productive than their less collaborative counterparts. Effective collaboration and streamlined teamwork are vital components that contribute to a team’s overall productivity.   In this blog, we’ll explore key strategies to enhance your team’s productivity both on and offline.  Cascading team objectives  Clear and well-defined team objectives serve as a compass for focused and aligned effort. Ensure that team objectives are communicated and cascaded effectively, […]
November 10, 2022

Three steps to build rapport in a customer service environment

Customer experience is an important aspect of any business and can give you that competitive edge in a crowded market, but how important is building rapport with your customers?   Research by HubSpot has shown that 93% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service.  We know people like to deal with people, so humanising your contact with customers, whether they are doing a simple transaction or making a complaint, can have a real impact on their impression of your organisation.   When contemplating […]