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What we do

We help clients shape their future and create more leaders who know what they are doing and feel more confident and comfortable in their role.

We believe there is no one-size-fits all in training because everything depends.

It depends on your culture, on your workforce, on your competitive environment, on your strategy, on your industry, on your benchmark of success…

After we've listened and discussed what your success depends on, we create bespoke learning and development solutions that really resonate and fit with your organisation, making success and sustained change far more likely.


We are catalysts

By delivering tailor-made training and development programmes we help create:

  • Lasting change throughout your business
  • A positive work culture
  • Skilled, motivated teams and individuals
  • Improved performance and profit
  • Decreased staff turnover
strategic and tactical

We are strategic and tactical

Our range of learning and development services is broad and bespoke, but here are some of our recent projects:

  • A programme of equality, diversity and dignity training which raised awareness and knowledge of the key differences amongst a multi-cultural workforce.
  • A change management project which delivered effective tools and techniques for the management team in the business to confidently introduce change in a clear, timely and well communicated manner
  • Working with the board of a medium-sized company to design structures and performance mechanisms to achieve their operating plans and business strategy
  • Designing and delivering a leadership programme for a mixed group of new and more experienced managers which led to direct improvements to results on the "How effectively are you managed?" section of the annual Employee Satisfaction Survey.


Giving your teams the skills and confidence to do their jobs brilliantly. We design and deliver training to develop your people. Always bespoke, always embedded with a programme of follow-up support.



Getting the most out of your people not by giving them the solutions, but by asking powerful questions to help them arrive at their own answers. We provide one to one coaching to support individuals to help them perform successfully in their roles.



Giving groups an opportunity to work through issues collaboratively, solve problems and generate ideas. We can help to facilitate whether this is a team meeting, offsite session or workshop to help your teams find a way forward.

We ensure it's embedded

We ensure it's embedded

Our passion for sustainable development also drives a focus on transferring the learning back into your team, whether that's training managers to support and embed new skills, or devising a train-the-trainer programme so you can deliver more in-house or following up learning interventions with one to one coaching, focus groups or review sessions.

If you'd like a chat about what you need to help develop your people and your organisation and about how Cube can help you realise that vision, call Chris on 07879 602002 or call Meg on 07765 894040 or email



Helping you shape your organisation’s future by creating confident, competent people. We believe there is no one-size-fits all approach because everything depends. It depends on your culture, on your workforce, on your competitive environment, on your strategy, on your industry, on your benchmark of success. Give us a call to talk about your unique circumstances and how we can help.
Chris Burton: 07879 602002


Take control of your potential by investing in coaching and development tailored to you. Whether you're considering a career move, find yourself under-confident in your current role or anything in between, we work with you to help define a pathway to success. We don't have all the answers, but we help you discover that you do. Give us a call to explore how we can help you take control of your future.
Meg Burton: 07765 894040

shaping your future

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